Why would a guy all the sudden not like me anymore?

Okay so me and this guy had a thing like he said he liked me and he was just waiting for the right time to ask me out. But then all the sudden I try talking to him and I can't even keep are conversation going? Like this was like in a 3 days period then last night I tried texting him apologizing for whatever I did and he just ignored me so basically if he's trying to make me feel like shit it worked


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  • How long have you known this guy? How long had you been talking with him?

    • I've known him almost 2 years and we've been talking for quit a long time

    • hmm im not sure, if you have known him that long should have a pretty good idea about his personality and behavior. Has he never been hard to reach before? Has he been single all this time youve known him?

    • Yes he has

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  • There is no such thing as "all of the sudden not like me anymore". The possibilities are:

    1). He never liked you regardless of what he said.
    2). He is just playing with you from the start.
    3). He is not right in the head.


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  • The fact that he "was waiting for the right time to ask you out" tells me he was jerking you around and probably wasn't being sincere when he said he liked you. If he really was interested he would have gone for it regardless of the timing.

  • That's life people lose interest or find someone they find better
    It does not mean that you are a bad person but this happens.

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