Should I let my guards down?

We've know each other for years, never really kept in contact but we would bump into one another every once in a blue. We've fool around but never went all the way there. Recently we've been back in contact with each other and to me our chemistry is crazy (in a good way) but I'm kinda hesitant, because im afraid of being hurt. I don't want to talk to him about this because I feel it's too soon and I don't want to freak him out.

Oh yeah, he's a Virgo and I'm a pisces if that helps Lol

Lol! Thanks


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  • yeah.. take a leap of faith , take the risk... do it. No growth and gain without trying.

    • thanks for the MHO :)
      hope u did take that leap of faith :)

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  • You're fucked. Let your guard down so that the fated pain can occur. Stop fighting fate.

  • Let your guard down when you think it's right. Start talking to him about your reservations. I think he'll understand.

    I'm a Virgo by the way.


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