Why did he tell me I could cheat on him but then deny it?

Awhile ago my bf came home pretty drunk. He said he wpuld give me one chance to cheat on him because he loves me that much. I asked if he cheated on me and he said no. The next day he denied telling me about how I could cheat on him and he wouldn't care. Why would he tell me I could?


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  • Uh, he was drunk.

    • Well I know that but makes me wonder that maybe he has cheated that's why he said it.

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  • It seems like you're asking why as in, do you think he cheated or something and that's why he said you could have a hall pass once?

    • Yeah It makes me wonder if he has cheated and that is why he said it.

    • It would put my radar up. That's an odd thing to say, out of nowhere, in a monogamous relationship.

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