How to date someone who enjoys being alone?

My guy likes to be alone... He could easily go a week or two without seeing me. Just because he likes to be alone...
How do you date someone who likes to be alone?


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  • I enjoy being alone but if I had a girlfriend I wouldn't happily go a week or two without seeing them, that's just ridiculous.

    I like alone time, so I can read, collect and contemplate my thoughts and recharge my batteries, a few hours a week would suffice, but I think if anyone is more than happy to go a few weeks without seeing their SO then they clearly aren't all that interested in being with their partner.


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  • Letting him have personal time is the best way to go about it. Usually they start wanting to spend more time with you as a couple rather then being alone based on how long you've been dating and how he feels about you.
    For now, give him as much space as he needs but only if it works for you both and talk to him about it.