Would a text be an appropriate way to try and get things started with this girl?

well the thing is I saw her a lot during the summer at the bars when they were busy here and we talked a bit then and seemed to click to an extent and she seemed interested but the summer is over and so are the summer bar nights , but she's still here working but its much harder to see her now , I did last week add her on Facebook and she added me back and her # and email was on her profile info , so since I won't be seeing her in person likely , I'm wondering what route to take to try and get something going , like should I try and call her , text her ? an email on Facebook ? what might work


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  • I'd say message her on Facebook first and see if she responds since she hasn't officially given you her number and might find it a little invasive if you call her or text her. But if you simply MUST contact her via phone, text is better until you guys have talked a little.

    • Well I did message her at the same time I requested her as a friend , she never wrote back but did add me as a friend so I'm assuming she liked my message or why else did she add me , basically I said I though she was a nice girl and glad I meet her and wanted to get to know her better so I think I'm in the clear if I contact her after that , plus her # is on her profile so she must figure I saw it by now anyways .

  • Texting would be better than calling because she might be busy if you call her. But when you do text her, don't forget to tell her who you are. Haha

    • Thats sort of what I was thinking too , as I don't really know her schedule or when she'd be busy , so I'd likely call at a bad time anyways .

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