Ladies... what do I do? I really like her, but does she feel the same?

Hi there. My family and this girls family are friends. The last time I saw her was three years ago and was too scared to talk to her. Anyway, recently she came over for my birthday, we talked a little (we are both a little shy) and I asked for her number which she gave me. I texted her to she if she had got better the next day as she was ill. We carried on texting but she would take hours to reply which I didn't know what to think about but thought it was not that good a sign.

Few days later I texted her asking if she wanted to come to the cinema with me and a friend to which she texted back in like 5mins and said it sounds fun. We went out and after we went to this little party just to say hello to a family member. We spoke a fair bit she smiled and laughed and we made plenty of eye contact talking. Anyway, since then (2days or so) I haven't heard anything. I was thinking of asking if she wanted to come with me to do gift shopping but im kinda hesitant. Dont want to seem desperate or annoy her. I've had a girlfriend but haven't felt like this about a girl... ever.

Anyway, does she like me or is she just being nice since our families are friends? Should I ask if she wants to come along with me? Kinda confused.

How shall I word the message if I do ask her to come? We will see each other again cause of our families I just dont want it to be awkward between us.
Thank you.


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  • Thing is if your family are friends and it doesn't work out then it's going to be a horrible situation maybe she just wants friends and can feel that you want more and doesn't want to say anything to hurt your feelings

  • Ask her but don't make it a date... the best relationships come out of friendships. So spend time with her and get to know her on a deeper level first. And ask her by saying, "hey there. If you aren't doing anything today (or whichever day you plan on doing this) I've got a lot of Christmas shopping to do and was wondering if you wanted to come along with me? I could use some company."


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