Why did she act so crazy?

I was talking with a girl. I thought we hit on each other. But slowly she started getting more "busy". So in my mind I got the message.

Each time she appeared busy, I said "ok, well then I am off". And she came back as soon as I done that. I had other stuff to do, I did not want to wait too much for her.

But the last time I talked to her I blew it. I just said plain and simple when she said that she was busy "It's ok, you do not have to lie about it, I guess you do not like me that much, bye".

I tried to make it clear to her that I did not mind hearing the truth so I can stop guessing her and move to other girls.

But she went crazy on me. She said how dare I accuse her of lying and she said that she will not talk with me after what I said to her.

Next she blocked me on Facebook. How can someone be so freaked out for nothing?


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  • She didn't like that you saw through her little game and called her out on it.

    You haven't really lost anything here. Girls are only 'busy' for guys they aren't that interested in.


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  • Any chance that she really was busy?

    • I do not know, it was Sunday. Most people do not do anything Sunday. If I was interested in someone I would tell them a plain message that I am busy and we can talk later. That's how it seems logical.

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    • Well I did saw her responding to messages from other guys on her Facebook wall before chating with her, that should be enough reason to think she could talk.

      Even so a message back only takes 20 seconds to send. If I was interested in someone I would not risk not to reply to him, but I would send him another time/location when to talk or do something.

    • What kid of things was she talking about with the other guys?
      When you like someone it can also take longer to reply. Because you're nervous about saying something that makes you look dumb.
      Plus there's also the thought that if you don't respond then you can use an apology about it to start a new conversation...
      And it can be hard to set up a meeting with someone. I know I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it.

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  • Because she is used to getting What se want, and seeing Boys beg for her attention. But you, my friend, had the balls to do something. Thats why

    • Thank man, I really feel much better after reading what you said.

  • It was a "she".

    • Is this the classical reply stating the fact that she was a woman and all women are crazy?

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