If he doesn't want anything serious why act like it?

I am casually seeing a guy (and just to put it out there iit is my ex from high school 10 years ago that I just recently reconnected with). He's told me he is not looking for a relationship, and doesn't want anything serious. I am OK with that.
But lately he keeps acting like it is getting serious. He always tells me what he likes about me, he wants to help me organize my house cause I am horrible at it and he is awesome, he wants to make plans for all the holidays (since Halloween), we are exchanging Christmas gifts, and all he wants is to cuddle me all the time. Yet he tells me I am able to date other guys. But at the same time if he is drinking he gets jealous if I mention other guys and starts talking about a future together (which he "forgets" about the next day). I'm just confused by his inconsistencies.


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  • Ask him about it

    • Eh, we just had the define the relationship ship talk like three weeks ago and that's when he told me he wasn't looking for anything serious, and to date other people. And it almost took a bad turn when I told him I could barely fit him into my schedule and he would be out if I had someone else. Which to him sounded like an ultimatum (I was just pointing out facts). Needless to say it was a tense convo, but then he started turning up the heat so to speak on how he acts more romantic towards me.

    • Ask him straight up "what do you want with me? " and lay out his actions to show you say this but do that

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