I begin to dislike him. Is that normal?

I had this on and off relationship with this guy for about 3 years. I love him so much, but sometimes its like its either we have a break from each other for awhile or we lose each other. I really can't imagine my life without him! but i dont know why lately i dont miss him anymore, i still think about him alot! But something changed i swear, inside me. Yesterday he texted me, i felt so "lazy" to reply back. And when i did and we started talking i found myself saying that i had to sleep now and im really busy just because felt bored or had enough of him. I dont want to sound as a horrible person, but what is going on with me! Also i always felt that he is flawless and every shitty thing i knew about him or that he had done in the past was SO okay with me, i never thought about it until now it


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  • It's normal. Your interest is diminishing because his is. People like those who like, or appear to like, them; and they dislike those who appear to dislike them. When people do shitty things to you, after a while, you begin to realize that they don't like you as much as thought, and you adjust your like/dislike accordingly.

  • Wow, cool.

    • Excuse me?

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    • So what is the normality of the situation mr?

    • You're getting tired of his shenanigans. Also, it has nothing to do with instinct and I have no idea why Tractorbeam exists.

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  • Break up with him, you're probably just moving on.