Girls and Guys, do you find yourself valuing physical appearance over personal accomplishments in evaluating a potential partner?

This is prior to getting to truly know a person, but within a few weeks of acquaintance. Aside from personality which takes time to evaluate, I tend to determine whether or not a person is dateable based on their appearance and what they've got going on for them in their personal life (job, education, friends, etc). Frequently, I'll run across individuals who satisfy one of these two criteria, but not both. In these instances, I find myself more willing to pursue the cute girl who doesn't have much going on for her than the girl who's got a great job, is clearly intelligent, but is lacking the typical look that I go for. I feel shallow for thinking like this, but I find it nearly impossible to change my perspective on this. Do any guys feel themselves feeling this way as well? Girls, do you find yourself doing this with guys you are considering dating?


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  • I used to do this and now I realize that there is no reason I can't have both.


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  • I'm not going to be reading her resume while we're having sex.

    • Total mood killer, agreed.

      I guess I find that it does say something about her character and values if she's a high school graduate and coffee shop barista, as opposed to an accountant, business woman, nurse, or something along those lines.

    • Academic or career success isn't always an accurate measure of someone.

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