Do you all ask for first kiss or just do it? Girls, how do you like it played?

Another poster's question got me thinking. For the first kiss, hand holding or whatever, do you prefer if the guy just does it or asks first, assuming you are attracted? Guys, do you do just do it or ask first?

Personally I want the guy to just do it, not ask. Asking makes things awkward and uncomfortable for me. It plays into the self assured confidence I find attractive in a guy if he just times it and does it.

How do you guys play it, how do you girls like it to be played?

  • I'm a guy. I just do it.
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  • I'm a guy. I ask first.
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  • I'm a girl, just do it. dude!
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  • I'm a girl, ask me first.
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  • no real opinion, just curious.
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  • I do not ask, but I do set it up and I pause. This gives her time to pull away if she doesn't want to. However, no one I've been out with that I wanted to kiss has ever pulled away.

    I asked the woman I'm dating now about our first kiss. She said she was glad I didn't ask, because if I did she probably would have said no. When I asked her if she liked it, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me, then said, "Does that answer your question?"


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  • Asking kind of ruins the moment. My method typically is just to read her body (closeness etc) and then move in most of the way and wait for her to move the rest of the way. Then while we are making out I continue to read her body, i move my hands to the small of her back, her neck, her butt, and then breasts/ vagina last. If she is not comfortable she will grab my hand or sort of shy away it's kind of a cool process.

  • It usually kind of just happens in my experience.. I was never aggressive about it but I'd go in like 70% of the way and of she got into 30% I know she isn't against the thought or anything.

  • I have never asked, not for a kiss, not for holding hands. It's awkward and uncomfortable. I read and assess. I have likewise never been rejected from an attempted kiss, but have likely missed on a lot of kissing opportunities by waiting till I knew it was appropriate.
    I don't think I'll ever ask... What a moment ruiner

    Sex is different. It's kinda sexy to ask, even

  • I voted asking first, but honestly I try my best to read the signs. My girlfriend and I went on our first date, and she seemed too nervous for that. She later told me she was afraid I'd try holding her hand. But as we started seeing each other more and got to know each other better, we got to the point where I could see in her eyes she was ready. It was great. And each time after has, too.

  • I have never had my first kiss, so I really don't have a good answer. But I think that the girl should ask for it, I just think that is more polite.


What Girls Said 3

  • You know what i did ask the same question and you did answer it so i would answer your's :) I was walking the other day with this guy and he is the kind to be shy, same for me (and i think he would never initiate something, just if i want to holds hands he would). I did ask him if he doesn't mind to holds hands, so its me who asked, but i think if he asked before i would prefer that than just taking my hand without saying. I would be surprise and don't know what to do, if he just take my hand.

    • and by the way for the kiss, i really don't know ! I never had my first kiss so...

  • I prefer to be asked the first time.

    It's polite.

    • I never know what to say :P! How do you answer when he asks?

    • I just smile and say ok.

    • I suppose that was a little anti-climatic. But it's about all I can think to say ;-)

  • I like when the guy just does it, but slowly and gradually getting closer, stopping a bit, and closer again, to see my response, and then finally kiss me.

    • Yummy :)

      I had a new take the other night. He told me he was going to, then did it. That was pretty cool.

    • That sounds good too since he is not asking you, but giving you like a warning so you can deny if you want to. Lol

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