How to get him to like me or at least notice me?

So I've already messed up by having my friend ask the guy I like about me, (bad move, I know 😁) he said he didn't remember me ( we used to talk last year ) my friend keeps asking him about me and he doesn't remember at ALL! On Friday my friend was talking to me and he walked by, my friend grabbed his arm and called his name and the guy kept walking. How do I start talking to him and get him to like me? Thank you!


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  • Saying "hi" usually works (I'm being serious here and sorry if it sounds sarcastic).

    • I know but how can I do it without seeming creepy?

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    • Okay so would it help if I was with one of my friends who talk to him?

    • Actually, no I don't think it would. I just said that because who knows where you might be when he walks past you.

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  • Do you remember any of your conversations? You can go to him again and ask if he remembers you and quote a situation or something he told you before, followed by another question or something that will make him keep talking. This time, try not to lose contact. If you're nice enough to him and keep being, he'll probably notice you, but we can't be sure if he'll like you, it's impossible to say.

  • maybe he's shy or not interested.
    just walk in front of him and block his path when he try to walk away and ask "do you hate me?".
    try it, he will talk to you now.


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