What kind of guy asks you to go to his family events, kisses you, etc. and just wants to be friends?

I've been talking to this guy for 4 1/2 months now and we're still just friends. However, he asked me to come to his family Thanksgiving and Christmas, go to his work Christmas party, spent the night at my house, wanted me to spend the night at his house, kissed me, etc. What kind of guy does this kind of stuff, but just wants to be friends? It drives me crazy!!


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  • Considering you're over 25, this guy probably is too. Since this is the case I see really two options. He's either:
    - immature and afraid of commitment
    - he is unsure of how he views his future with you and is being extra cautious as to not hurt your feelings because he does care about you as a friend

    In the second case there may be you can do something help persuade his feelings one way or another, in the first case you're best to cut your losses and move on as far as romantic interests are concerned.

    • there may be something you can do to help...* sorry for the confusing sentence structure, problem with not proof reading

    • I think that it's a mixture of both. His last relationship was pretty awful and has made him afraid of commitment or being in anything serious right now. However, like you said, he says all the time that he cares about me, but he doesn't think it's a good time for us to be in a relationship because of the things I said earlier.

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  • The kind of guy who doesn't like relationships.

  • Also to add on to what @existing_not_living said: A guy who only wants a fb relationship... Or friends with benefits relationship. Trust me. Been there done thag. Waste of time.

  • He sees you as friends with benefits