Do I sound insecure to my girlfriend now?

I'm going through some military training right now and I only can see her once a month. She will bring up other guys sometimes hitting on her. She told me her count of guys she's hooked up with aND she said such a ridiculous number at her age I told her that was disgusting and even called her a slut.

I apologized in person the next day I realize I shouldn't of said that. I told her I trust her but I thoughtshe was just trying to get a reaction out of me trying to sound cool. I don't ask her about her guys friends or what she does all the time. Also explained to her I'm getting like 3 4 hours a sleep during this training.

I don't want her to think I'm some jealous lititle weeny because that's not the case. I just got frustrated.

She got defensive and completely denied any head games.

She's tried to get me jealous before in the past.


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  • I don't see why she would be telling u all that. Does sound like she might be trying to get some kind of rise out of you, im not sure why she might be trying to do this but its not nice of her. Do u know why she does this. U said she's tried to make u jealous before, did u figure out why? That could explain why she's acting like that. I mean what guy really wants to hear all the time about how many guys hit on their girlfriend & how many guys their gf has been with. Have u ever asked her, why are u telling me these things? Like is she just wanting to be open & honest to u about her past or what. I dont think ur being a little jealous weeny. I see why u got mad cuz if she continuously tells u those things, u can't help but feel a little irritated and worried. If she's doing it on purpose by talking anout it so much, then she's provoking u to feel that way. I mean telling somebody once is enough but continously is annoying. Maybe she wants attentsion for some reason, like maybe she's not getting enough attention from you.


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  • Dude how did you still wanna be with this girl after she listed all her hookups I just think there's red flags man. Dude I would just drop her and focus on my career

    • I mean I knew she got around and that's her past I know she regrets it and everything. I can't play a double standard man I did the same shit when j was her age. She's four years younger.

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    • Its up to you though man if that's your girl and you trust her go with that

    • U think what I did makes me sound insecure though?

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