OK girls.. is my girlfriend cheating or no?

She's crazy about me. Has been. Swept her off her feet two years ago. She couldn't see me for 5 months because of her parents. When I saw her the first time 5 months.. she literally had a panic attack was shaking and crying at the same time barley could speak. We started sneaking around again. I asked he r if she wanted to move in with me after I finish the police academy which is soon. She is moving away from her family and her friends to be with me.

We can only see each other once a month and she doesn't really call me or text me too much. She straight up told me before I'm not good at being a girlfriend. I'm her first real relationship.

Here's the deal though. She used to be a slut and even admitted it. I slur shamed her when she told me her count and she wrote me a novel on how she regrets it and she's grown up and that was ridiculous what she did.

I don't know if she's just a really attractive lost girl and loves me or if she's cheating and I shold get the f out. I've hurt her kind of treated her poorly in the past but that's the past.

She sometimes tells me about other guys hitting on her. But I don't know why she doesn't text or call a lot I've mentioned it before she said she just doesn't want to bother me. I remember I called her afterribly a month of me telling her to move in with me. She was almost crying over the phone when I told her I miss her.

She knows I'm only getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep with the academy but I love to hear from her.

She 'accidently' told me that she loves me through text and I re sponsor the next day saying I won't make her wait to hear it when j can see her told her I love her and she didn't respond immediately. She said it back but I don't know if she felt pressured. This girl trips me out somwtimes but I love her.


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  • Alrighty mac; let me give you some truth.

    First and foremost, be sure not to disregard your past harm you've done to her as simply 'the past'.

    Make sure you're a better person than you previously were when you did treat her poorly, because you want her to be a better person than her past days of being a slut, yes?

    It's a fair and mature exchange on both of your ends. Just make sure you both uphold it.

    Now, I won't tell you that your suspicion is unneccessary. However, only to an extent should you be suspicous.
    While her past isn't too pretty, it is your responsibility to trust her. Trust that she has grown and learned, and will not harm you because she loves you and you love her.

    (She does love you, doesn't she? And you love her, yes?)

    In other words, watch out for your girl like you as her man should, but don't ever doubt that she loves you enough to not to cheat. And if she doesn't love you... you know what to do.

    Good luck, bro~


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  • Well if that was the past and she has changed, and really loves you I don't think she is doing anything, I mean at least she told you the truth.

  • Hey, Iam the biggest slut ever in the past and I have never cheated on a boyfriend in my life. I think you should just give her time. If you dont trust her, then maybe you should let her go. Some girls, like me, just like sex.

  • hard to tell. how many did she sleep with?

    • She said 20 to 25. Then lowered it down to 10 which is a lie I think but I just let it go.

    • that's a lot but I wouldn't say slut. She may be addicted to sex.

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  • You need stronger evidence.

    • She used to be a sloot man just trips me out on the trust thing. That and the fact that she has a really hard time showing emotion or affection. Barley calls.

  • The same way you say the way you treated her poorly. .. is in the past.
    same as her being a "slut"
    So that part is pretty null and void

    Perhaps she is telling you about guys hitting in her to invoke some for of jealously and get you to pursue her...
    any which way
    no evidence to say she is cheating budski

  • Why did you slut shame a girl you supposedly love enough to want to live w/ her?

    • Because the number surprised. me and it just drove me crazy when I initially heard it man. Its because I love her why that effected me so much.

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    • Why are you downplaying me? I'm a grown ass man. Might not of had a lot of relationship experience but I've served four years in the military and make good money. I'm a grown ass man just asking for advice.

    • lol, guess that answers my question...

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