When in a reellaaationship is it time too tell the parents? Friends?

I am in high school so I live with my parents. They will find out sometime because both him and I go to the same church and are youth ministers there. Most of the adults at church know too. I also know his family pretty well. I went on my first date with him lastnight, how do I tell my parents without them freaking out? After I'm sure I want to pursue the relationship? The second or third time hanging out together? Do I introduce him to my parents when he comes too pick me up? How do I tell my parents I am in a relationship and ask for permission to go on a date? What if they say no?

I know this is a loaded question, but any advice helps. Thanks in advance :)

This is my first dating relationship as well.


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  • Whenever you want.


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  • Hmm how old are you? And how strict are they about dating?
    It all depends on that. I'd say once you're sure, sit them down and tell them and ask how they feel.
    Saying it to their faces instead of them finding out, will. get a lotnmoore respect

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