Why doesn't he just confess he likes me?

Ok me nd this guy met because he is friends with my best friend anyways he asked for my number nd i gave it to him that night we talked for an hour nd five minutes. The morning he sent me a morning text we texted and than we called each other and than we kept on talking till 5:30 in the morning 4 hours nd 24 minutes the next day we talk nd he wants me to confess i told him in the past that i dont confess no matter how much i like a guy nd he knows i rejected a lot of guys he knows i like him but im not making it clear its just so hard i know he likes me why doesn't he just do it 😭😭😭😭😭


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  • I`d say to him, I like you and you like me, lets go eat I`m starving lol. To much thinkn about things and not enough just being honest.


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  • blah blah blah cause he fuckin doesn't. ... THE end.