Is he playing with me?

So there's this guy in school and we've been sorta "dating" i guess for like 2 months now and I'm a bit suspicious because when we first started talking some of my friends told me that he was just talking to me because he was desperate for a relationship because all his friends had relationships. I'm not really giving myself 100% in this relationship because I'm afraid that he's just playing me but then again what if he's not and I just wasted an opportunity with this guy?

And what are signs that a guy is just playing with you?


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  • What made your friends have this impression of him? I think him "playing" you is different from being "desperate". I'll give you my thoughts on the latter. If he approached you out of desperation I think one sign would be he asked out several other girls right before you, this would should he just wants to be with someone. Or if he has a lot of girls on the "back burner" as in he has some girls he has lined up if you two fall through. I think you should also look at things he's said and done that shows the opposite and would show he cares for you and IS interesting in your relationship and values it.

    I'm assuming you're both still in high school as it says under 18, in which case I do think many guys that age are quick to jump into relationships, as are girls that age. I would go slow but not give up on him yet.

    • Well actually his last relationship was over a year ago and I don't know he's really sweet and does the cutest little things for me but then again I'm scared that he does all those things for show. I mean he's popular in school and I'm just normal and suddenly one day he asks my friend to introduce him to me it makes me feel suspicious

    • I would take things slow but not question the validity of his feelings for you. I'm sorry if this is blunt and harsh but it sounds like you're speaking from a place of insecurity and I think he just noticed and liked you. Again, take things slow and maybe don't invest yourself too much but I think you should enjoy and bask in the fact that this guy great guy likes you! Enjoy that!

    • Thank you so much!!

  • I need this same advice :/ its so confusing..

    • I know right it's driving me hella crazy

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    • I think the signs are that he'll want you when it's convenient for him, I guess we need to pay attention to that.

    • Yeah I guess we should. But like whenever we talk about us and becoming a real thing I tell him not yet and he tells me he's willing to wait and he like makes plans for the future and stuff and I don't know if he's just doing those things because it's relationshipy or because he really means it