What does it mean when he says he can't be in a relationship and then texts you to say he misses you?

So I met a guy I really liked at first. We spent one weekend together and he told me he didn't think he could be in a relationship but he liked me. I ended up staying over at his place and he was acting like he was my boyfriend the entire weekend. I kind of was just sick of the guy after awhile acting like we were dating but saying we couldnt be in a relationship.. so I kinda tried to let it die down casually. Then he texts me saying he misses me after about a week... I didn't say I missed him back cause i'm sick of dumb shit like that. If he missed me he could have contacted me earlier in the week.

Why do guys do this?


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  • I never realized how many times this question is actually asked by completely different people every day.

    • you are so helpful

    • Just an observation! It's a very common problem!

    • OH! haha sorry wasn't sure what you were saying oops! it is a problem though for sure

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  • Well this happened to me I admit it except I knew the guy for 5 years but... Guys do it cuz they like the girl but don't see them as their match if that makes sense like he loves spending time with you but doesn't want to label it

    • Yeah I guess. Problem is I want a relationship.. so I'm not gonna stick around for a guy who can't commit to me, ya know?

    • I know what you mean but if wait a little cuz me and that guy winded up in a relationship and everyone k ew then we broke up he said he missed me I was single so I got back with him but this time kept a secret cuz only our best friends knew about the breakup lol but we still wonder up dating so just wait a little

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