Help me please, I'm about to get crazy?

So, my current GF and I go to school in Canada. And she has gone back to Japan for Christmas for a month. Recently, her parents talked to her that they want her to go back to Japan to finish university there. her parents' reasons are: 1) financially cheaper 2) her dad has connections there 3) family emergencies.
Background: she has a BMW and flies mostly first class and she doesn't seem like she has a budget.
Me and my girlfriend talked and she said she totally sees a future with me and with all circumstance given she will tell me what she can do later. To me, those 3 reasons aren't valid. if she needs money, we can both work part time for it. if she has connections over there, its not like she's gonna lose them if she doesn't go back soon... and as for family emergencies, its basically a plane ticket. I think all these is because her parents are worried about her and wants her back near them. because she did spent the last 3 years studying abroad.

PS: huge problem, she always listen to her dad


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  • If you want her that much
    You move with her

  • Kill the dad !)

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