What do you think he wants from me?

If your moving away for about a year for work, and a guy says that he will come visit, what's the chance of a guy staying 'faithful' for that period of time? We talk every day, This guy and I normally talk every day, he asks to catch up with me most weekends and do something together, I've met quite a lot of his friends and a few of his family members. He wants me to go down to his farm before I leave. Whenever we see each other, we always joke around, he asks me what I like doing etc and says he wants to get to know my parents as well. He always holds my hand in public. We've kissed but he's never tried doing anything else. He usually starts all conversations and I try and keep the conversation going. I feel there's a lot of chemistry between us. He always makes sure I get home safely after we've seen each other. I'm moving away for a year or so and he says that he would like to come visit me next year however I don't know how sincere/patient a guy could be and being loyal doing that. Right? I'm away at the moment actually and he said to have a safe flight, and to enjoy myself. I haven't heard from him in a few days which is odd, although I think it's because I'm not receiving texts. I remember once we went out together to a club, and he didn't look once at any other girls.


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  • If you aren't in a committed relationship then why would he stay faithful to you?

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