Why are guys so obnoxious and try and mock girls?

Like I don't know some guys I deal with try and tease me. Some get way too obnoxious and it's annoying. They do it in a mocking way where it becomes stupid. Like we are all in our 20s. Will men ever grow up?
This is also kind of just a rant. I just hate men who are always joking around. Like be serious. It actually gets me so annoying. Like stop trying to make jokes all the time about everything.


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  • Because its fun. And most girls secretly enjoy the attention. Even though they act annoyed in the moment, if they stopped receiving attention they'd miss it.


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  • I'm that guy your describing I'm love to mess around and I think I'm the you know what lol. You are the girl I don't like you seem like your boring and stuck up. That just me

    advice just tell the guys off like hurt their feeling it the only way we will stop. And better we should. be with upbeat people and you the more work. First serious boring.

    IM not being mean by the way sorry ahead time if it came out like that

    • I'm not stuck up. Why do you need to joke around 24/7?

  • As a guy who is too serious for most women's tastes, I see guys like that and wonder why girls like them so much. And they do, so much of the time. Which is a big part of why they continue to act that way.

    If you like serious men, there are plenty of us out there. Try looking in more serious places. We tend to appreciate the attention.


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