How to deal with an emotionally unstable woman?

Lately I have been dealing with a lot of emotionally unstable girls. I seem to have trouble just having a normal conversation with her without her flipping out or starting to suspect something for no reason.

Like I am going out to get a bread around 9 pm and she flips out saying that I am going out with someone. Or I am going out with my colleagues for a bike run and she says I am dating someone. Or another case, I plan 2 dates on mondays and she asks me suspiciously why only on mondays? Well because I said on weekends but you said your were busy on weekends.

With another girl I have to say around 3-4 sentences for her to say one sentence. So I get the message that she is not interested and tone down my interraction. Next she freaks out why am I not talking with her enough.

I can go on like this forever. These past 2-3 years have been with girls mostly like this. I am getting really tired of these problems.


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  • If it was happening with only one girl, I would directly think she had issues.
    But from your definition, it is repetitive. It happens all the time no matter who she is. So there should be some problems related with you? Don't you think.
    Relationships are fragile. You need to feed it with your trustworthy behaviors. Either you or your gf a have problems receiving and giving trust.
    We as girls trust not easily, but if we see you are trying, then we believe in you.
    Maybe you are trying to keep cool, but it doesn't work like that.

    • I guess I have my share of guilt here. Most girls refuse me and the only ones I get are the ones that act like I said above. I do not know how to sell myself to more emotionally stable and mature girls.

    • You don't have to do nothing , really. Just be yourself. And if you can't date with the girls you want, don't date. That is it. You are feeding that *chain* by yourself.

    • Thank you! Good luck! :)

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  • You need to figure out why you are either attracted to or attracting these sorts of girls. Believe me we are not all like that are u going for very young immature girls for some reason?

    • Well, maybe I give the impression that I am not very mature. I have a kid like face and I am a bit goofy. I like sarcastic jokes and comedy central style jokes.

      But I am serious all in all. I have a job and a car. I am pretty good at my job and make quite some money.

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    • Well, there may be a weird situation with me. I realize that the crazy girls stood out more than the normal girls and gave me the impression that most of the girls I dated were crazy.

    • I get it, I'm currently trying to stop liking crazy guys

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  • Avoid them you can't change them. If you keep at it prepared for a really unhappy relationship full of up and down moodswings

  • Why the FUCK are you still with her? Tbh leave her. Unless she's like super hot and you really like her but sounds like a pain i the ass. I would've left her a long time ago.

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