My gf is being distant, please help me out?

My gf of 2 years has been distant towards me. I have no idea why but i feel soooo hurt and sad cuz even when i pour out my heart to her she just says oh ok or thanks. I feel so unappreciated it even brings me to tears sometimes because the love of my life doesn't care about me anymore so it seems. Now i miss her soooo much, i miss the old her and i really feel like calling her and talking to her but she'll probably give an excuse to get off the phone. I can't text her cause she will take ages to answer my text e. g. 5-10 hours. These events started about 3 months ago, i've talked to her but she keeps changing the subject and if i keep pushing it she will flare up and scold me, calling me awful names and threatening to break up with me. I dont want to break up with her, I LOVE HER SO SO MUCH and i hope i can fix this problem so we can be happy together again. During the time we have been together, i've always respected her therefore we have never kissed because she says she is not ready. I have never been pushy about her doing things with me that she doesn't feel comfortable about.

Please help me out. Thanks in advance.


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  • I think the effort you have put into this relationship is so admirable, but I think you should evaluate the reasons why you're in the relationship, and figure out what your deal breakers are. What things can you overlook? What things are too much for you? One of the most important aspects of a relationship is trust and communication. If she stops communicating with you when something is wrong, how are you going to be able to solve your problems in the future? I think you lay it out for her that your feelings are being hurt by her cold behavior, and you can't continue with the relationship if you go on. A caring guy like you deserves a lady who will appreciate you and love you back. A loving relationship isn't one where you have to fear getting broken up with if you want to talk about your problems, that is a sign of abuse and immaturity. Sometimes people change and sometimes the changes they make turn into deal breakers. Is the price of being in a relationship with this other individual worth the threats, cold shoulder and unappreciativeness? I know this isn't what you want to read. I hope I could be of some sort of help, and I wish you all the best. Good luck!


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  • You have been together 2 years and never kissed?

    • yes because she doesn't want to

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  • In my opinion she may not feel as strongly as you do about the relationship. If she wanted to be with you she would not push you away, shut you out, basically not want to communicate with you as much as you do.

    My advice, give her some space, don't burn up her phone calling constantly and when you do talk to her try not to put her on the defensive and ask her how was her day, if she wants to get a bite to eat etc.. keep it simple and lite. Don't call her for a day or two and see if she calls you. Remember if she loves you she will want to talk and be with you.

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