If girls were to pick one thing in a guy that they must have what would that be?

What is the number one thing that women find attractive in a man

  • Confidance
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  • Good Looks
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  • Caring Personality
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  • None of the above. I'd be looking for mutual respect. Meaning that I can easily respect him and he can easily respect me. That gets into a lot of things like his willingness to protect me and keep me happy and him working me into his life to be with me. I wouldn't want him to change his schedule for me or anything, but if he really likes/loves me, he will make sure he has time for me and I will make sure I have time for him.

    • respect, protection and spending time with you keeping you happy would fall under "caring personality" because that is what I would do and I have a caring personality :-)

    • A wise head on young shoulders. It's a big shame that most teenage testosterone filled lads don't think like that!!!

    • @Asker hey it's early leave me alone! :-)
      @soulmanUK thanks and I agree

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  • Out of the options you have provided, it would have to be caring personality but for me the number one thing would have to be honesty. If we have have a relationship where we are honest to each other and can communicate, that's very attractive in a man.

  • Caring personality! Big must! No point having a guy if he ain't got a wicked personality!

  • He has to be funny!

  • I answered caring personality out of 3 options. But if I had to answer without options given, I would have said integrity.


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