Is it time for the 'are we exclusive talk? Have been dating for 3 months?

I met this guy online a couple months back- talked on and off and then finally decided to meet. I'm 19 and he's 25. I'm currently in college and he graduated 2 years ago. We have been dating for 3 months, it's been great! I met his friends around the 4th date, and we always hang out around 2 times a week. He always compliments me, I accept the compliments and don't get all mooshy when he says those- I'm still kind of playing the 'I'm not always available' card, so that there's still the chase going on. He says things like 'I love it when you're here', 'I love spending time with you', 'I'm always thinking about you', and saying I'm beautiful etc. I either accept these compliments or say 'same with me'. I made the mistake of opening up to a guy too soon and up with him suddenly loosing interest once we slept together. I slept with this guy at around the 5th date, didn't kiss until the 3rd.

A couple of days ago his friend's girlfriend made a relationship remark to us, I don't have my license and the friend said 'you can use "..." Car, that's what relationships are about, sharing!' We were both rather drunk and he seemed so shocked at the remark, I pretended I didn't find it odd and continued the conversation. Later that night he said to me 'did you pick up anything from that conversation earlier?' And 'did anything spark your interest?' I just pretended like I didn't really know what he was talking about. I feel like that if he wants to ask me for a relationship , he needs to be upfront with me? And not expect me to take hints?

I'm just worried that I'm not good enough for the guy, he's rather successful for his age and I'm just a student...


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  • I don't see any harm expressing you want him to yourself


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