Lets have fun!! Zodiac sign you got along with best and which you attracted the most in terms of relationships. Can include dating too?

Deepest relationship: Scorpio

Attract Many: Leos

Naturally I seem to attract anyone though for some reason, anyone know why?

Give us your answers!!

Woops forgot to write im a Cancer


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  • I'm a Capricorn and according to research, Tauruses are supposed to be my perfect match love wise. I haven't actually dated any Taurus guys but I've talked to 2 and they were extremely frustrating. They both acted the same way. Seems like Taurus males like to be chased.

    Friend-wise Scorpio's are said to be good friends with Capricorns. Which makes sense since my best friend of 16yrs is a Scorpio.


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  • I'm Libra.

    Pisces are insanely attracted to me, but they are the worst partners.
    Leo and Gemini can be great partners.
    Virgin is so-so.


  • Because the zodiac does not affect anything?

  • I'm an aries, and head over heels in love with a libra, which is the deepest relationship I've ever had. I've noticed that I get along well with aquarius and sagittarius. (On the other side, me and capricorn are definitely a no-no.)


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  • I don't think my sign has affected my success in relationships lol. All the sites always have something positive to say (no matter how minor) about the compatibility of different zodiacs. So it seems kinda like a scam haha. But just for fun I'll list it too.

    My Sign: Libra (a very typical Libra)
    Deepest Relationship/Dated: Leo (a very typical Leo)
    Superficial Similarity: Sagittarius
    Extreme opposites: Aries
    Best guy friend: Saggitarius

    I probably really like a Leo because they're just so blunt and energetic. They love to talk about themselves and it makes it easy to be a listening partner. But they also want praise and approval, which is just another facet of being a listening partner, to bounce back and reaffirm the same ideas they're putting forth.

    • I would say that I do not believe in the horoscope but sounds really interesting.

      I'm a Leo and I'm really attracted to a Libra but mmm it sucks right now. We both show that we care when the other is like "I don't give a sh**".

    • lol... but does he like you?

  • I don't know about any of this. I'm a Taurus. I hate being told what to do, I'm very loyal and loving and would kill or be killed to protect friends and family or if someone spills my drink, I like the finer things in life including things that probably aren't good for me. I don't know if that fits a Taurus, it's probably all bullshit! lol