I asked this girl for a date but Im confused about her answer?

So there was this girl I met with at a party. I noticed that she seems to like me so a week ago I asked her to the prom and she said yes. Throughout the prom she mostly just wanted to talk to me so we got to know each other really well. At the end she thanked me and said that she had an amazing night. Today I asked her if she'd like to have dinner with me later this week. She always sits with her friends so they were also around us when I asked her. After the question, she seems to have blushed and all her friends smiled at her and she said that "I'll see when im free and we'll talk about it later". What does that mean? Is that a no? Did she just say that because her friends were around? We're both 17 if that helps. Thanks


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  • It means that she's interested and that she'll talk with you about it when it's more convenient ie... When not around her friends. Lol

    • yeah, thats understandable Im just not sure why she wouldn't say yes or no in front of her friends. I keep thinking she was just trying to get rid of me which Id doubt as she said he had an amazing night with me at the prom. Thanks for your help!

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  • Maybe she went to prom with you just as a way to have a good time being fancy, and she didn't expect that to lead into any sort of relationship; now you've asked her out again and she might be wondering if you think she's your girlfriend now (you probably aren't that socially awkward, but some are).

    Maybe she just wants to be hard-to-get and see if you'll do something more romantic to convince her to have dinner with you. That is always a good way to go, by the way. Even if it is just "playing games", being romantic for girls is fun and usually works in your favor.

    Maybe she was a little embarrassed by it having been such a public invitation. I don't think you did anything wrong, but if that was the first time a man asked her out in front of her friends she might not have known what to do next. Or she might have known that saying yes right away would get those hens a-clucking about this and that.

    If I were you I'd act as though she's on the fence about the dinner and step things up a notch. Plan to do something fun together, even if it's simple. Plan that dinner out and be ready to execute on the plan. Then come to her when she's alone and tell her how much you enjoyed her company at the prom, and that you want to get to know her better. Then tell her about the plan you made for the dinner and ask if she'd enjoy doing something like that with you. Don't make it about requesting her to act, but more about what you can provide and how she feels about being a part of that. I'd also tell her I expect her to wear that prom dress, just for the chuckles.

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