I don't know what's going on, what do I do?

I've been sleeping with this guy from work about once a week for a month now.
I'm leaving in another month so it's only casual & in once said to him that all I want is a bit of fun.

The thing is he used to message me all the time, he once kissed me goodbye in the morning etc. but even though we still slept together this weekend, no kiss goodbye, & barely any messaging.

His relative we were partying with even said that his grandfather called me his girlfriend. He got quite defensive at this saying 'I have no girlfriend!'

I still enjoy having sex with him & that isn't stopping! But I think that after he's stopped everything & started getting annoyingly defensive, i'm starting to like him...

I also hate he doesn't message me anymore!


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  • This is why casual relationship's are bullshit. When you have sex with someone you have feeling's or a connection that cannot be ignored to begin with. Start messaging him more and throw subtle hints that you might want more. It might take you some time if this guy already wear's his heart on his sleeve because of what he think's you want. Just don't come off as your all of a sudden desperate for his attention and say thing's like i usually only do this kind of stuff when im in a relationship. Just be really subtle and keep the conversation's going and play it cool. Chances are he does have feeling's as i said there is no such thing as casual and no feelings. Start messaging him once in awhile it will take time.

    • He stopped messaging like 2-3 days after I said it 7 didn't message me again until it was some early hour of Saturday morning (wanting a booty call).
      He hasn't since & i'm horrible at starting conversations!

    • Talk about anything really like even from food or drink like "Wow tim Horton's has really badass seasonal coffee" lol. Don't be nervous just talk about even stupid stuff.

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  • he got you to start missing him. lol. sly guy. well if you want him then go for him. just play your cards right.

    • But what are those right cards? advice?

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    • ok, thankyou! that makes sense but what if he decides that since there are other options i don't need him?

    • that's when you start flirting with him.

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  • He probably is becoming closed off and defensive because you are leaving soon.

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