I called her two days after first date, no answer, no callback.

Didn't leave a voice mail, I thought the first date went very well, maybe she just missed it. Should I call again in a few days?


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  • The problem with callling girls is most of the time they never answer the phone, but that's ok, now I asked many women why they don't and they say well, we either don't want to talk to the guy, or we don't want to have the ackward pause which further leads to yep so, uh huh, well talk to you later. Don't get me wrong women love to talk on the phone to their friends but the last thing you want to do is spark up your lifes story to a chick this early in the game, so the phone talks should be very short and they should always lead up to another date.

    Ok but the problem you have is you waited and you called and no answer, but you didn't leave a message, stating your name, phone number and something brief like hey just wondering you were up to, I had a great time on our date, so how about we get together again this week, I'll have to check my schedule to see when I am free, so just give me a call back when you get this. Now I don't care if your life consists of sitting at home playing halo all day, never reveal that to woman. For some strange reason they like it when your busy, I really don't know the reason I guess to make it look like you have a life.

    The only other step you can use here is a text, and noramlly I don't like to, but for some reason girls will respond to a text about 97% of the time. If you text her just say hey it's so and so from the other night, do you have plans this weekend? Text me back my number is... If you get nothing back from her within the day give up move on, what that means is she got your text, she got your phone call but I don't know something didn't click with her on the date and she's not interested anymore. If you call her, text, MySpace, Facebook whatever her if she hasn't responded to your first text yet, your now considered a creepy stalker, so at this point she will never talk to you, so just let it go.