Help! just a cold shoulder or it over already? !?

we did not talk for two weeks. and i don't know if we may ever talk to each other again.

everything was prefect the last time we meet. and we supposed meet two days later but he did not make it because he worked late.
he said we can meet next day instead but i m upset he cancel on me so i told him i will let him know if i can make it. I know was rude but sorry i were upset because that day is really important for me and he knows it.
but since then , no return text or phone calls. I only text twice that day after but since he not reply. i did not contact him either since then.

I know he might a little bit mad at me since he offer me a make up plan but i turned him down. but i cannot believe we end like this

i don't know what i should do. decided moved on but it hard since i still like him and i don't even know what happened and why?

and the worst part is sometime I think he still likes me. crazy right? I mean based on the last time we meet I feel be liked and cared a lot. I just don't understand how it end like this : (


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  • You're all confused so just concentrate on the basics. If you like him just tell him and ask him out. If you don't, move on.


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