Being the only single girl/single person in a group of friends?

I'm turning 25 in a few weeks and in my group of friends I'm the last single one left. The rest of them are living together or have a serious long term relationship. My best friend and her long term boyfriend (of 7 years) broke up a few months ago and now she's already seeing someone new. I'm very happy for her and she deserves it, but I can't help thinking: "why can't I meet someone like that?" and it's making me feel a bit sad lately.
I thought I met a nice guy but his behaviour isn't all that and he's not making me feel he's interested so I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up.
Maybe I just need some encouraging words or something since I don't want to bother my friends with it (since they don't really understand how I feel I guess).


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  • Don't let it get you down, just keep going with the flow. I was the only single one of my friends during our last year of college, sure it felt weird being the only single one and I thought "What's wrong with me as a person that I can't find a girl that I truly like"?

    See I suffer from what us guys call the "nice guy routine." I'm just an overall nice guy and don't really know how to act differently, so I attributed this to me being single seeing as all my douchey friends had no problems getting girls. That's when I found a girl that was more beautiful than any of my friend's girlfriends on top of having one of the best, most kind personalities I have ever met.

    In the end my patience and willigness not to give up came through in the end. Don't give up and don't put yourself down because you're the only single one in the group, you'll find the person you're supposed to be with when you least expect it. :)


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  • you just need to keep trying if a nice BF is what you really want. we all want companionship.

  • U will find someoje eventually. dont worry that ur the last one, its not a race.

  • Maybe you don't need boyfriend, maybe you can just survive by your own.. think of that

    • I know I can, but it's kinda "in your face" when I'm the only one...

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    • After being single for two years, having shitty dates and seeing all your friends so happy and in love with their partners? Yes, it starts to bother me.

    • I don't what to say, really that's a problem

  • Who cares if you're single?


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  • You're not the only one here:)

    I am older than you, and all my friends are married or in a relationship.

    I come across guys but mostly players. The last long term thing really broke my heart because he was and is afraid to commit.

    Wherever you go you'll find beautiful and smart women who are single. Serious guys tend to settle with more common women.

    You will meet someone soon:)