Girlfriend cheating on me?

Okay long story short. We met at work hooked up a lot. Sexual chemistry was amazing. Fell for each other hard. We were both premiscuois but j always figured she acted more than she was because I'm four years older.

Parents found out about us couldn't see each other 5 months. When I ran into her the first time again she had a panic attack literally hands shaking barley could speak.

So we started seeing each other sneaking around every once in a while. She one day asked me what are we and I straight up asked her if she wants to hook up with other guys. She said no not at all. So we made it exclusive.

She was telling me about other guys hittin on her often and one day she told me her count and it really surprised me. I told her that was disgusting. She wrote me a novel explaining how she regrets it. But before she was making it sound like an achievment. Told her j need some space but the I apologized but I said I though she was trying to get a reaction out of me. She got defensive and denied it. We only can see each other once a month.

She canceled plans on me saying she picked up and extra shift and I said okay she rescheduled plans for the next day. I said I don't know yet and she accused me of blowing her off.. Said she feels like she's doing all the work and I'm doing nothing.

She got off of work early and never called me to hang out but instead went tk her friends all night?

I managed to see her the next day and everything was decent I guess. Didn't seem distant or anything.

This girl won't in initiate text a lot it's been like a week haven't heard from her. but she talkd about the future a lot and was still touchy with me the last time I saw her when I apologized.

Also I know I said I need space but she hit me up asking if I could go out with her and her friends date for dinner. Couldn't but it's been a week since I talked to her. My gut is telling me she is cheating.

She also bailed on me again saying she was sick and would hang out tomorrow.


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  • You sound like the typical, psycho-jealous boyfriend with too much pride wrapped up in these "sex numbers" lol. Hate to be the one to break your bubble here, but getting with a girl because you lust her and wanting her to be your "boo thang" that doesn't talk to other guys, regrets her sexual past, and enables your insecurities... sorry chief, that's not going to happen.

    And just the idea that you think she's cheating on you because she has things to do in her daily life confirms all of this. Try again when you turn like 19 or 20 ;)


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  • Stop begging for attention, she's doing someone else.


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  • You slut shamed her, so naturally you've hurt her and she doesn't really want anything more to do with you. How one promiscuous person can berate another promiscuous person for sleeping around truly is beyond my basic level of comprehension.

  • Well sounds like ur not doing much yo keep her if thats what u want. who care if she doesn't initiate txts and if u really like her who cares how many people she has been with. if u dont step up and putting effort in to see her and do things with her she will find someone else. stop telling her u need space or she will give it to u permantly

  • She was not cheating. She was doing some sort of test to you. When she said there are many guys hitting on her, you could have said, "yeah, but I know you miss me honey" and make that cool guy smile and walk away.

    Instead, you were acting jealous and whined that you needed 'space'. You failed her test dude

    • She told me she's hooked up with 30 guys at the age of 18. And the way she said it "oh im probabaly a bigger slut than you and I've never thought about cheating so I know if I'm good you are." The way she told me how many guys was "yeah me and my friend were counting the other day and I'm in the 30s.."

      When u see your chick once a month your telling me you would just play it cool.. I've always played it cool but this just pushed me. Told her she was trying to get a reaction out of me.

    • I hope you listened to her when she said she wants to see your reaction to what she said. If you have played it cool, she'll be wondering. But you did the otherwise, and see how she's acting now.

      But above all, I'd drop this girl if I were you. She's a whacko the way I see it.

    • No she actually denied trying to get a reaction out of me. But I stI'll think she was.