Do relationships of the same age ever work?

I was just wondering do you think it's worth asking out an 18 year old girl (same age as me) or do girls of that age look for 20+ guys that are more mature.
I'm not really immature but I've heard girls look for older men that are actually considered blokes rather than young men/teenagers. Not sure whether I'll be dismissed based on that but.. it's worth a go right?


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  • If the girl is going to make the mistake of automatically labeling you as "immature" without getting to know you then she is letting you know that she doesn't know that she doesn't know how to interact with someone in order to get to know them. There are immature 18 year olds just like there are mature 18 year olds. Many girls make the mistake of judging a guy by his age without getting to know them and they consistently shoot themselves in the foot yet never realize it. They then ask "Where have all the good guys gone?" and guys tell them that they're everywhere.


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  • Most 18 year old girls go for guys their age and not normally are looking for someone much older. It's maybe when they hit their mid 20's they prefer older guys.
    excpet there are always exceptions like 15 year olds wanting older men and also 18 year old girls wanting younger guys

    so yeah, give it a go! or find out what the girl likes before


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  • Most of my relationships have been around the same age.

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