Should I tell her I like her at all?(please think of all the details for something that's accurate)?

Ok, I know some people will put quick answers but, there's this girl that liked me before, or i'm sure that she did. She did things like stare at me and stuff like that but we never really talked much. She's been dating this guy for about three months and I have liked her since last year and that's also when she did stuff like that. This year in our sophomore year, I said hi to her, she had her eyes wide open and talk really slowly with responses, like surprised/excited to talk to me. She would smile at me in the hallways when I said hi and say hi back with same tone. I didn't really know if she liked me or something and if I should have tried to ask her out.
I Just would talk to her normally and Im pretty good at that. She did that for a while, but then randomly, she kind of had a attitude with me only it seems, I thought it was a bad day but she kept it and never seemed to stop with it.
(ill say this here: All I could say to her is just hi and maybe how are you? SinceWeCantTalkInClass
What was interesting was that she changed near the exact time she started to date Him. She wasn't the same friendly girl I had before that. its been three months, for a long time she would be sassy with me and not very friendly and stuff like that. before though, she was the exact opposite. she has kind of become more talkative sort of... but she'll sometimes get that same... attitude towards me. It really only me she does this too.
I asked one of my friends if she would behave like that to a guy. She told me that she would do that to a guy she likes, to try to cover it up so to speak.
? IS That what she did/or is doing?
I'm curious I should tell her now in any way or not. I've done a stupid thing I guess to hide it really well, which I know most guys aren't good at that. but I feel like she liked me too and I didn't realize it. So im curious if I should tell her at all now. I wouldn't really be embarrassed or anything. merely just to say it and actually let her know.

I wish more people answered this because I don't know what to think.


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  • Maybe she thought you were playing with her. Don't approach her while she is in a relationship, because it could end very badly for you. If you get a friend to "accidentally" slip up and tell her that you like her then she can decide if she wants to break up with her bf.

    • I have only really said hi and how are you. how would I get her to think that?

    • If she liked you she probably looked at what you called normal conversation as something more than that.

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