First Date Follow-up "Rules"?

I went out with a guy on Friday for the first time. We "met" on a dating site and were texting for a week before we met for drinks. I was surprised that I was actually INTO him. Exciting! Great conversation lasted a few hours, then we parted ways. No good-night kiss, a hug and kiss on the cheek. As we were walking to the car he mentioned he wanted to hang out again and I agreed. I texted him when I got home to let him know I had a good time and he responded immediately saying he did too and wanted to see me again. Cool. Fast forward, 3 days later and still no word from him. Am I being impatient? I feel like he should have followed up already. Is he playing it cool or was he just being polite and has no intention of a second date? Thoughts ya'll? I'm new to online dating so I don't know the rules.


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  • I think he's just playing it cool. Doesn't want to seem to eager or desperate! But if you are interested you should ask him out again

    • I have no problem asking him out but I texted him at the end of the date already and told him I had a good time. I feel like the ball is in his court now, isn't it?

    • Well he responded to your text saying he had fun too right? So its up to either of you

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  • What exactly is stopping you from contacting him yourself?

    • I texted him at the end of the date and expressed my interest already. Kinda feel like the ball is in his court now no?

    • Do you like this guy? If so, forget about arbitrary "rules" and contact him yourself.

      Different men respond at different paces. After our first date we texted non-stop, no silly rules were applied, we just did what we felt like and it was great. Your guy may be slower at contacting.

    • Yeah, I hate the silly rules too. Thanks for your advice!

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