He treats me so well, I don't have any sexual feelings for him?

I have known this guy at work for 8 months, we get on so well. I didn't fancy him when I first saw him though, but his personality was a winner and we have grown very close. We basically act like boyfirend and girlfirend, and there is a chemistry there. Or might just be a really good friendship. But it's not sexual on my part. We have kissed, but I don't enjoy it at all. That sounds awful i know. But it's like kissing a family member or so something, it's just not there or right. I couldn't imagine having sex with him. I try to avoid being close enough so he can kiss me.

I wish it was there, I'd be the luckiest girl in the world. He treats me like a queen. And is so caring and has my best interests always at heart. I told him I'm not looking to have a relationship b really it's because I know it's so lacking those important feelings that make things magical, but I don't want to lose him. However, I know me he'd still be there for me. And same for me. But has anyone else been in this situation at all?

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  • I think you should really try to make it a bit more clear to him that you don't have any sexual feelings for him.
    I say that because that would really have made my life a lot easier when I was interested in someone, it just gets really annoying when you're trying to show some kind of interest and all you get in return is the person ignoring you and after a while avoiding you.
    So yea, just say something, anything to make sure he understand where you want to stand with him.

    • I have told him, I don't want a relationship with him, he said he just wants me in life, and I want to be his friend for life too, we are going through similar things and he has really helped me with a lot. He's a great friend. How can I not hurt him by saying I don't find him sexually attractive? Or in that way? I still want him my life. But I know, it's not fair on him really.

    • Pff... "Not fair on him", How many guys haven't I heard say the same thing about themself.

      You shouldn't go and say to him "You are not attractive", if it is not needed, don't say it because it will stay for him who knows how long. If you've already told him that you're not interested just let it be and be happy you have a great friend, he is most likely happy to even be close to you, some guys are satisfied with that because they have not had a chance with anything anyway. If anything you could try to help him get a girlfriend, I can't think of a better helper with that than another girl.

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  • I have. a bit. those girls to me are just good friend material. wait no my bad, not romantic feelings, I just vibe well wit hthem. so yeah okay nvmit hasn't happened ot me hahaa

  • your gonna crush him


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