What do you guy's really want to know?

Do you want to know how the girl you've been dating for moths really feels about you.
Or do you guys just prefer not to know?


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  • What type of food you like?
    What things you like to do, and if they align with the things I like to do?
    Can I sexually get along with you and will we jive well together in the future sexually?
    Are you going to be controlling and drive me crazy?
    Will you be able to keep up with me and enjoy the ride even if its a bad time or good time?
    Are you going to give me the freedom to grow in our relationship or you going to want to change me?
    Are you going to support me in the decisions I make in our relationship?
    Are you going to be my best friend and treat me good when I need you?
    Are you going to know me well enough to comfort me when I am in need of help?
    Are you going to crush my pride when I am at my worst?

    That is a list of things that goes through our mind of what we want to know. So sure, we want to know what you think of us. But has to be honest, and truthful and not playing games. If its constructive criticism, tell us.


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  • I like mystery. a lot.

  • The more I know about how the girl I would be with feels about me the more reassured and happy I would be.
    I like to know exactly how it is instead of keeping an uneasy tension between me and someone.


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