What gift do you get for a girl you like?

I’ve been talking to her for 4 months, but we aren’t anything official. Her birthday is in a couple days and Christmas is next week. I have no idea what to get for her, so I hope you all could give me some ideas

She Likes:
Disney (especially Frozen, Tangled, and Finding Nemo)
Fall Out Boy
Dark Chocolate
M&Ms (But only the red ones)
Blankets (she’s always wrapped up in one)

I doubt I will be seeing her on her actual birthday because we are both insanely busy with finishing up school/finals, so I plan to give her the gift the next time we hang out (probably this weekend).

Also, she for some reason HATES her birthday and holidays in general, and has specifically asked me to not get her anything and to even forget she has a birthday. I’m still going to get her something, but I would like to keep it somewhat inexpensive (so she can’t yell at me for spending too much) and small in size, so I can hide it in my jacket or backpack. I guarantee if she sees me show up at her house with a present she won’t let me in, so I figure while we’re hanging out I could just randomly pull out the present and give it to her then.


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  • How about something like this:

    It's a movie night basket gift you could frozen on DVD, some dark chocolates, a batman blanket, some popcorn, etc. If she sees you walking up with it you could just tell her it's something fun you planned and won't get in trouble that way :)

    It's not an ordinary present but is still an obvious effort on your part that recognizes her birthday and things that she likes.


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  • I would get her a cuddly thick blanket, some chocolates and a few disney movies. Tell her you'll cuddle with her and watch the movies with her :)


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  • The gift must be something which is from your heart. We don't know your heart, nor do we know her. It's one of those things which you yourself must choose if you want the max. "effect"

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