Dating Exclusively VS Relationship what are the key differences? Is it just the label?

So basically I have a been seeing a guy for around a month things are going great we spend a lot of time together, have amazing sex (I made him wait until we were exclusively dating), he's affectionate with me in private and public (holds my hands kisses me etc.), he organise cute dates, buys me presents, I have spoken to his mother on Skype and met a few of his friends etc.
We have spoken about being exclusive and agreed we won't see other people. We are exclusively dating in his words.
But what concerns me is that he says he isn't sure if he wants a relationship. He just wants to continue on how things are going. Which is fine with me for now but eventually I would that commitment which he says he is open to. I am just a little confused how what we are doing now is any different to a relationship? Could someone explain in case I am missing something.

He has spoken about a really demanding and controlling ex who wouldn't let him see his friends, was extra clingy etc. Could this be the reason why he is fearful of fully committing to me? He thinks that once I get the "title" I will become like her?


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  • There really isn't a clear line between dating exclusively, and being in a relationship. A relationship might be taken a bit further eventually such as a living together, or at least having a key to his place. Meeting his family is also a step more towards a relationship. It could also involve doing personal favors for each other that people that are just dating, normally aren't going to be asked.

    I do think it is possible his ex has frightened him to the point he is afraid of being in a relationship. I have always been the kind of guy that wanted a relationship, and at this point I have also developed a fear of relationships. So it can happen.


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  • Exclusive and being in a relationship are the same thing. He must just see it as "friends with benefits" in a way

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