How to have the conversation of exclusivity?

so i've been dating this guy for a little over a month. we had sex about four dates in, and we both have pretty high sex drives. i like to develop relationships organically and try to avoid having the DTR talk for as long as possible. but i realized i'm starting to care about this guy. he's pretty sweet with me, and we talk and share a lot with each other, but sometimes i feel like after we get really close he distances himself for a little while.

we've never explicitly had the talk of what we wanted, so i don't really know how to bring such a thing up. up until this point, i didn't really feel that i needed to, but now i'm starting to care more about him and question things.

any advice? thanks.


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  • Mmm see if I want a future I never have sex until the exclusivity talk. Because now how are you going to feel if he is like I wanna keep banging these 10 other girls for a while?

  • I think you should approach the subject by telling him how you feel.