Serious question: How to ask my friend on a date?

Okay, well I have finally decided to ask my friend out on a date tomorrow, Dec 16. I have an idea of what to say to her but I am not sure if it is good enough.

Here is what I want to say, "JJ, I have liked you for a while now. And I know that the feelings are mutual. So I was wondering if you are available to go on a date sometime this week? Whenever you are available works for me."

I think that this is good, but I have my doubts. It may just be the fear and the anxiousness getting to me but I thought that I would check. Can you all tell me if this is good enough or if I need to make changes to it. Thank you and it is very much appreciated.

I wanted to thank all of you that helped because she said yes. I appreciate all of your help. Thank you.


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  • I think that's good bro but I'd toss out the "Whenever you are available works for me." and maybe add in you'd like to see a movie or something, personally what I'd say is "JJ, I have liked you for a while now. I think the feelings are mutual, so I was wondering if you'd wanna go to a movie on Friday but as a date :)" And then I can almost guarantee man she will say yes, in my experience I've never been told no by a girl I don't know if it's just me or if girls always say yes so I'm sure man when you ask this girl out she'll be happy and say yes then you'll be a nice cute couple :)

    • I put the whenever you are available in there because I know that she has her own life to live and I don't want to ruin plans that she already has. If she does say yes I already have the date all planned out. We will take a walk in the snowy winter forrest trails that she enjoys so much, then I was gonna take her to a dinner. And thank you for the input.

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    • If you don't mind me asking did you go on the date? and if you did how did it go?

    • Yea we went on the date, and it went great. We walked and talked then afterwards I took her to get Ice-Cream. She said that she was going to ask me out anyways so she was happy. And that she wants to do that again.

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  • omg hahahhaha buddy, you're fine. What do YOU think is wrong with it? I mean, honestly, I don't think it reallllly matters how you phrase it as long as you make it clear what you want, which you did. I think you're just nervous. I say do it now and get it over with :-)

    • I don't know if there is anything wrong with it. I am just really nervous, that is all. I just want to make sure that this is good.

    • it sounds proper but that's not a bad thing haha it gets the job done. good luck!!

    • Thank you I appreciate it.

  • It sounds good but don't say the feelings are mutual part

    • I just added that because I know that they are. But hey that is why I posted this. To see what needs to be fixed.

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  • If you feel anxious, the length may be a bit too much.
    Just say "Would you like to go out on a date with me? Say

    • ughh.. it didn't send all

      ... say Friday at 3?"*

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    • Yeah i got that haha
      But i mean, asking someone out can make you stress a bit. And no matter how pretty the situation is in your head, the moment you'll have to talk can make you anxious..
      Unless you two are really close already, and you can easily talk those things to her

    • We are really good friends, but we have never really talked about this stuff before.

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