Crush Related---- What are some signs that a guy is going to ask you out?

What are some signs a guy would ask you out in 7th grade?


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  • Trying to get to know you

    • So my crush at the beginning of the year asked where I lived, then he said oh you only live a mile away from me... o_o

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    • like I think he likes me but not sure I think he does in which he might be implying he wants to hangout

    • This boy is a mystery. Maybe ask him what his deal is (phrasing it a different way)

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  • 7th grade? Do people even date in 7th grade? Like what the heck do you do? Go to the drinking fountain on a date and kiss in between classes? Lol I'm 18 and I've still never had a boyfriend, just wait and whatever happens happens

    • Yeah, It's normal where I live, plus the guys at my school aren't jerks. c:

  • If he teases and makes fun of you