If he isn't interested maybe his friends are?

So I really like this dude and I thought he liked me but after we went out for dinner he wasn't as communicative as before our date. Just chocking it up to he isn't THAT into me. BUT he has a lot of friends so wondering how I should ask him to introduce me to his cute friends? Is that in bad taste?

He friendzoned me officially so I did ask if any of his friends would like me. He wasn't offended. He agreed!


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  • hahahaha this is why i date older women... no bullshit tolerated. Player behavior with the right intentions behind it. I like it. If you aren't interested, maybe your friends could be. lol.. good times. good memories.
    Or he could just be shy/nervous, i say a second date, just to confirm. You may not be showing enough "signs" as to the level of your "interest".
    if the same happens on the second date, its probably the time to set a third, but this time, with the cute friends around.

    • Not sure why he would be nervous. I asked HIM out. He didn't say let us do this again or anything. I thanked him and said I enjoyed it too. But just a thank you and nothing for 3 days. Maybe I should date older guys cause anyone under 50 is plain ole scared of me.

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    • Oh yes!! That sounds great!!

    • glad you like it.

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  • Yes it is. And maybe he was just nervous... but i doubt seriously he is going to be like "SURE I STRUCK OUT WITH YOU, LET ME INTRO YOU TO MY FRIENDS." You are probably on your own to figure out how to meet them. (Not saying you shouldn't try to meet them, just saying he probably isn't going to go out of his way to introduce you.)

    • Even if he isn't interested in dating me anymore. After our date he didn't say "we should do it again" or anything. Mind you I asked him out.

    • Well you can try! lol I have heard of stranger things. Good luck! ;-)

  • He might have been nervous

    • I knew him casually for 6 months previous. Not sure why he would be nervous.. After our date he didn't say "we should do it again" or anything. Mind you I asked him out. Not sure why he would be nervous.

  • If they know you're dating him, they'd be cool with talking with you. But if you broke up with him, I get the feeling the bro-code will stand in your way

    • We only went out once so it isn't like we are bf and gf.

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    • I hope not. And unless he blabbered to all of them there would be no way of them knowing!

    • Guys like that take dating more seriously than they should. They think date=girlfriend. If they find out and still go out with you, there would be drama in the group.

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