Why do some men initiate convo - only to NOT reply right after? Should I ignore him forever?

This guy almost always initiates texts with me, daily. But once I respond, he starts sucking at it and takes forever.

I used to text him first also, but it the convo is so boring that I don't anymore.

Anyway, he texts me goodnight every night without fail. Even if we haven't spoken that day. This has been going on for 3 years and I wracking my brain trying to figure out the logic behind this shit more so out of curiosity than anything!


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  • One of my girlfriends I would text her a little bit then R bomb her just because I felt like I needed to text her but once we had a half decent conversation I just wouldn't text back because I didn't really want to have a conversation over text I just wanted her to know I texted her. That's what's probably happening hope this helps :)

    • But he has no obligation to text me. He's not my boyfriend

    • Then just R bomb him so he gets the hint, he's just an annoying guy don't waste your time

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  • Well, he's obviously trying to catch your attention, and judging by the fact that you wrote about him makes me think he was successful. He might like you, but is either too nervous to finish the convo, or isn't interested.

    • So you're telling me that some men are so deranged, that they'll initiate texts with a girl daily, including nightly "goodnight" texts--- without being interested in her? ... the sad part is, I believe it lol

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    • But this has been going on for 3 years! We've made zero progress... how the hell am I ever gonna bang him

    • Easy: ask him if you want to get together!

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  • That's happening to me too!! And they say WE'RE confusing and difficult to understand..