Should I keep moving forward with this girl?

Well I have been trying to talk to this girl for almost a year. Yet the whole time she thought I was not being serious when I told her that I am interested in her. So the other day I was talking to her and checked to see if she wanted to keep me company while I was doing some work. The funny thing is she actually came through, while I am not used to having a girl just sit there. I normally like to take them out maybe for something to eat. We were talking here and there and listening to some music. I thought she would be bored, but she stayed there with me while I was working. The biggest kicker is she is moving to another state in a few weeks. So I am not sure how that would work out since she finally sees that I am not joking about being interested in her (after telling her and trying to ask her out for the hundredth time). I need some advice, because to me if a girl is willing to sit there with me, with nothing to do and several long quiet moments (which seemed so loud, because I was wondering what I should say to keep things interesting). That tells me a lot.


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  • She seems like a great girl, from what you have said. Give this a try and see where it goes. Better to have experienced it than to regret it.


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