Am I in the wrong, or is my girlfriend being petty?

At my girlfriend's apartment with one TV, and I ask if it's cool if we watch the game seeing as how it's Monday. She reluctantly says yes since she doesn't have any shows on then.
Anyway, that was about an hour before kickoff. We're relaxing on the couch and I fall asleep for a little nap. I wake up about 20 minutes after kickoff. She has changed the channel to something she's previously recorded (some reality show about gypsies?). I ask if we can switch back to the game since mine is a live event and her's is something that she already has recorded, or if we can just flip back and forth between the two.
She says I'm being rude and selfish, and then leaves the room for a pity party. I tried to talk to her, she pretty much shit down and just gave me the classic "No, just go watch your game babe" (you know the sarcastic tone in talking about). So I just went and turned the game on.

Am I out of line, or does she need to grow up?



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  • I think she needs to grow up. It sounds like a tantrum to me

    • That's what I was thinking, just wanted to make sure people with an unbiased opinion agree with me.

    • In all honesty i have definitely acted that way before, the only difference is i was 10. Unless she's 10 then i don't blame her

    • If she was 10, I would be in prison. So no she is not lol

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  • She's out of line. No reason for her to of gotten so hurt and bitchy over that. You did nothing wrong at all, so don't feel so.

  • Well, since it's recorded, I'd give in and switch or just watch my show later but if mine was live, we'd have words! :)

    • If her show was live, I wouldn't consider asking her to miss it lol

    • Oh okay then. You're a good guy! :)

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  • It is a property problem. You are at her house and wanting to make yourself comfortable when it was not important enough for you to stay awake. This is similar to you asking her to make you lunch and she makes the lunch you fall asleep then wake to a cold meal and complain.

    If you were at her house, watching TV is not the reason people come and visit unless the reason for the visit was for TV.

    Proper manors is simple, it is her house and you would be in the wrong.

    • Eh, it's somewhat different. We're in a long term relationship, neither of us are exactly "guests" at each other's places.
      It's more like we each share two separate places.