When and how do you define a relationship with a guy?

I've been talking to this guy for about three months, we've been on a couple dates. He slept over the last time (We just cuddled he didn't even kiss me). But when do I ask/ how do I discuss what whatever we are, is?


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  • If you cuddle and have gone on more than three dates, I would say boyfriend.

    • So do you think I should say something the next time? or just let things fall into place?

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    • haha no problem :) I would have done it sooner but the site made me wait 24 hours or until this got for opinions which it never did

    • Well good luck with your date.

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  • Oh I would have by now. After 4 or so dates is when you should see what the other is thinking relationship wise, and 3ish months is where you should define the exclusivity. Because if you don't then they can keep on dating other people and you have no basis for whatever you are calling yourselves.

    • The next time I will get to see him is after break. Do you think I should bring it up? What should I say? should I just be like "What are we?" I've never had to have this talk before!

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    • Then asking what he's thinking as far as what your relationship is.

    • Thanks, you've been really helpful!