GUYS does he act like this b/c he's trying to be nice? is he annoyed?

whenever i try talking to this guy it can be get very difficult because of his quietness. our conversations tend to quickly become awkward and quiet because he just never fully contributes. when i talk to him it literally consists of me doing most of the talking and coming up with things to talk about, while he answers and/or asks the same thing back. there is only so much i can think of to say i can't so it gets quiet and he pulls out his phone and starts playing with it.

then he avoids me like goes out of his way to not come near me - there are also rare moments he comes to me on his own, smiles when he sees me, sits with me on the bus on his own
he's not like this with other girls I've seen their interactions facebook/instagram he just seems like a different person

when we talk he acts clueless about things i know he knows very well. he also shows lack of interest in things i know he really likes just by the way he talks. then when it comes to weekend plans he never tells me the full truth about what he did or is doing i usually see when a post comes up on instagram of what really happened. when it comes to me talking about my weekend plans at times he starts questioning me on things i wouldn't ask him so im not sure if he's interested or just trying to maintain a conversation he asks things like with who, where (party or whatever), what are you wearing (halloween party)

then when we talk sometimes i also feel like he's not interested in talking to me by the quietness and just this arora around him, then other times he seems really happy when he talks to me even though he gets really quiet so i dont know whats wrong with him

ps we both are 20


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  • Maybe he likes someone else and is trying not to reject you.


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