Younger guy older girl stigma?

Now I wanna start off by saying that I'm not some creep that fetishises 40+ women or w/e. But hey if you are a guy and do that then go for it I guess. Oh and also Im 18 years old for the record just so you know what I would consider "older" and "younger". What I'm talking about is the stigma that even exists when the age differences are minimal. This stigma actually causes problems for both girls and guys to be honest. As it limits our potential partners. This stigma even exists with ages such as 18 and 20. If a 20 year old guy would date an 18 year old girl nobody would look the other way. Neither would I for natural reasons as its something normal. However if a 20 year old woman dated an 18 year old guy many would be starting to ask questions. And if the girl was lets say 25 the guy would be seen as having "mommy issues" and the woman would be seen as taking advantage of him. I remember even myself being confuses when my 17 year old female friend told me her ex was 16. And thats just 365 days ffs. So I guess Im also technicaly a part of this problem. I have personally found out that I actually get along really well with women who are a few years older than me. I'm able to have much better talks with them than with lets say a 16 year old girl (Im 18). Now Im not saying all 16 year old girls can't have a deep conversation. Many can in fact. But they are in the minority. And I'm not saying I would prefer dating older women Im just saying Im open for dating younger same age AND older women. So guys and girls would you ever consider this kind of relationship? Or would the social stigma or even your personal opinion of how an attractive man or woman should be simply not found within those age groups relative to yours?


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  • I'm 18 (19 in April) and am currently dating a 22 year old. I did date someone who was younger than me, and I found it harder to have a conversation with them. I never based it on his looks or his age. But afterwards, the fact that he was younger pushed my belief of his immaturity. And my current boyfriend sometimes makes me feel like a little kid, but I can have deep conversations with him more often than with my younger ex. What I mean to say is, I've been in that type of relationship, and I honestly didn't care for social stigmas

    • It could be possible that the social stigma mostly affects the guy. As it's seen as demasculating to be in a relationship with a girl who is more mature either physicaly mentaly or both.

    • That is a definite possibility, though to that I would say "don't worry about what others think, if you're happy, that's the end of it."

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  • I totally get what your saying here.. Personally older guys have always been my attraction, but I would never let it get to the point where I would only date older guys.. It's important to realize that age is but a number and love can be found anywhere.

    • Yeah I mean I've always prefered younger girls as the vast majority of men do. But then I realised that older women are pretty cool too, Which basically went against everything I have ever been told or thought.

    • Fuck age. Go with your heart.. You'll figure out if you want to be that person eventually and it won't be because their age. I just think people associate age with maturity, but in real life it doesn't work like that.

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  • that's stupid... i had sex with girls who were in their mid-20s whilst i was 18, and i had the best of experience with them